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The quaint and welcoming shop stands alone as the York's #1 location for reptile, fish, grooming & other pet needs.

Our selection of products and services are of the best quality and competitive prices. Come here for the choices; stay for the smiles and passion for animals.

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“I’ve worked with animals my whole life. I stayed summers on my grandparents farm in Gettysburg most of my childhood. I love all animals. We currently have a bearded dragon and three dogs. About 14 years ago I went to school to be a vet tech and worked as a vet tech for a year but decided it wasn’t what I wanted to do and got a job as a bather and went on to grooming school. I’ve been grooming ever since. I am certified in the grooming of senior and special needs dogs and groomed for a vet for several years. ”

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Small Mammals

Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rabbits & More!

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Verus Dog Food

Official Supplier of the Fresh Formulas with Omega 3's, Live Probiotics & EU-Certified Manufacturing

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Dog Care

Toys, Hygiene, Supplements & More!

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Cat Care

Toys, Hygiene, Treats & Much More!

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Clear Up Any Concerns and Learn How to Treat Your Pet Properly

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Dog License

Easy Acquisition of the license You Need For Your Pup

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